OKI Pro9420WT SRA3-väritulostin + valkoinen


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OKI Pro9420WT (31 s/min)

OKI's breakthrough printer innovation, the ES9420WT removes the last barrier to creativity and design - how to print  in any colour you desire, including WHITE simply and cost effectively.

CMYW – A first for digital printing
Currently printing in white is not only expensive it is also a laborious task using manual printing techniques.  With OKI's ground breaking digital technology, you can now print inhouse using white toner alongside High Definition colour on a wide range of media, including coloured media, clear film and transfer media in sizes up to A3+ and weights up to 300gsm.

Extend your creativity to beyond CMYK
Being able to achieve vibrant full colour printing plus white is an advantage to any graphics business offering individual and short run display materials, bespoke stationery, concepts, t-shirts or promotional merchandise.

 In-house printing just got smarter – in any colour, including white
White toner printing offers designers, graphics studios, point-of-sale manufacturers and a range of other graphics based businesses a new flexibility in their printing, proofing and production, enabling them to print in-house what they need, when they need it.

With the ES9420WT, the opportunities are endless. 

  • Print on dark backgrounds
  • T-shirt and merchandising transfer printing
  • Short-run packaging and concepts
  • Sindow graphics and clear film
  • Stationery
  • Creative invitations
  • Menus
  • and much more!

Laitteeseen on saatavilla eri rahoitusvaihtoehtoja ja käyttöä helpottamaan suunniteltu huoltosopimus. 

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